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  • Joleen Raquel

5 Reasons I Hired A Nanny

When I first started working for myself, my two year old stayed at home with me. I figured it was cost-efficient (especially since I just started working for myself) and didn’t see a problem in it at first. Slowly but surely, my business tasks and mom duties started to merge. And when I say “merge” I really mean get straight up tangled and confused!

I started looking into local daycares. Daycare money was not budgeted initially (thanks to my failing plan to save money by keeping him home with me) but I decided that it was important to add it in there! After shopping around, I wasn’t too impressed with the fact that in order to get your kid into a daycare with a lower ratio of kids per classroom, you’d have to pay a pretty penny. That’s when I decided to look for a Nanny!We’ve officially made it through our first week with our new Nanny! With the cost of daycare being so high in our area, I decided that if I was going to pay so much I might as well be paying for individual care.

So two weeks ago, we hired a live-out Nanny for Biggie (Robert, 2). I know it seems a little premature, but here are my top 5 reasons to hire a Nanny as opposed to traditional daycare:


When I decided to work for myself, one of the driving factors was that I can set my own schedule. The best part about hiring a Nanny is that you have someone you can set to work on your schedule too! Many are willing to work odd or extra hours as long as they have sufficient notice and that’s definitely not an option at a traditional daycare. Another thing I found super helpful is that if big brother (King, 6) is sick or can’t go to school for some reason, I don’t have to scramble and look for last minute care. A Nanny is readily available!

Help with Housework

A Nanny is also the type of position where professionals are double-qualified to perform other household tasks. Most of these tasks are usually kid related such as cleaning up messes/spills, baths and cooking meals but it’s not unheard of to negotiate other duties as well. For me, it’s such a weight off of my shoulders to know that the house will be kept cleaned throughout the day.

Focused Attention

For just about the same price as a daycare per week, Biggie is able to receive one on one learning and attention from his Nanny. She reads with him and takes him on walks and I don’t have to worry that he’s not getting the proper care/attention he needs. This was one of the main reasons we decided to hire a Nanny instead of putting him in daycare.


The best reason for moms like me (who work from home for the most part but do go on appointments and are constantly running around) is that a Nanny comes to you! I don’t have to worry about an appointment running too late and having to pay extra per minute. Not to mention, rushing through Atlanta traffic to get there! Biggie also gets to play with his own toys and I’ve honestly been having a blast shopping for educational toys on Amazon!

Focus on Work

The major life-changer is the fact that I can focus on work even when I’m at home. I don’t have to take snack breaks or soothe crankiness – I can focus on bringing money into the household the way I would be if I went to a corporate job all day! This means I can manage my time as a business and have a healthy level of separation from my mom duties. I already feel like I’ve been more productive!

A Nanny isn’t for everyone and isn’t in every budget so my best (cliche) advice is to do what works best for you and your family! Do you have reasons you feel like a daycare would be better than a Nanny? Let me know!

xo, Joleen Raquel