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  • Joleen Raquel

A "No Christmas" Update

It's been a little while since I've posted so I thought i'd update you all on my "no Christmas" Christmas. Christmas is officially less than 2 weeks away and it does not feel like it at all! I honestly think the decorations in the house make it so real. And since we decided not to decorate this year, it seems less urgent to Christmas shop and do holiday type things!

Sounds depressing doesn't it?

Don't cry for us just yet! We've supplemented the decor by going heavy on the holiday activities outside of the house. As you may or may not know, we have family adventures every single Saturday. So I pretty much find the most Christmas-y thing out there and that's what we do! That way, the kids still feel like it's the holidays. Because for all they know it's June thanks to the lack of decor in our home.

This was less of a blog post and more of a "Dear Diary" moment but thanks for reading anyway!


Joleen Raquel