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© 2019 by Joleen Raquel

  • Joleen Raquel

Leggings: The Real MVP

From snowboarding to shopping and everything in between, leggings seem to go with every occasion.

As an avid wearer of probably the most comfortable and versatile piece of clothing to ever exist on earth (pause for dramatic effect)...I was shocked and appalled to find that a vast majority of the world do not find leggings to be "appropriate" outerwear!! Shocking...I know.

And while i'm sure there are many ways it can leave you feeling overexposed, I find it very humorous that nipples are prominently pointing at you wherever you go but exposed panty lines are "inappropriate". Odd!!?!

So, while I wouldn't suggest wearing leggings on formal occasions, I'm gonna have to vote for the use of them any other time. And I have no personal stake in this nor has anyone directly told me they thought it was inappropriate - I was just surprised to come across an article that explicitly stated that leggings only belonged in the gym! I felt personally attacked lol.

Here are the top 3 reasons people have cited for the ban of leggings outside of the gym:


I hate to burst your bubble...i really do. But the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines pants as:

"an outer garment covering each leg separately and usually extending from the waist to the ankle"

hmmm.....sounds familiar and not limited to specific material and colors, doesn't it? As I said, shocking.


Great...we found another way to body shame people and chose the most wonderfully stretchy piece of garment to do so. The truth is, when you're not model thin it's kind of a hassle to find pants that fit you almost perfectly. For me, leggings are my "no judgement" pants. It doesn't care that I've skipped the gym these past few months and have a DashPass on DoorDash because I've been too exhausted to cook. It doesn't care that I ordered large fries and a coke on the side of my Mcdonald's salad. It just takes me as I am!


I was hesitant to add this one because clothing has been a lawless game these past few years. You see lingerie being worn to bars and swimsuits to parties with no pools in sight! So are leggings outside of the gym really taking it too far? I think not.

All in all, I'm a firm believer that you should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Don't you agree?

Thanks for reading!

xo, Joleen Raquel