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© 2019 by Joleen Raquel

  • Joleen Raquel

We Are Skipping Christmas This Year!

After Halloween, it's pretty much free game as far as Christmas decor goes in our home. Unfortunately, we're skipping the decor and all its glory this year.

We're currently in the pre-moving stage of our quest for the perfect home and plan to be moved by the beginning of the new year. I know you're thinking that's a whole month to pack up decorations along with the rest of the house but another thing to factor in is the cost!

Every year, I spend hundreds of dollars bringing the Christmas spirit into our home for our kids. And that doesn't even include gifts! I'm sure I'm not the only one but that's still a crazy amount of money for one holiday. Even if it is my absolute favorite holiday. So we're really skipping Christmas to save money for things like furniture and decor in our new home.

Another thing we're skipping to save money this year is our annual birthday trip. Ray and I decided that we'd have annual birthday trips and we usually tie mine in with our New Years celebration being that I have the worst birthday of all time (the day after Christmas). So when we decided to save money for a house, this was the first expense that obviously had to go! For this year anyway...

And even though I'm going to miss how much merrier the house is when it's decorated, it sure is going to feel good to celebrate Christmas in our new home in 2020.

xo, Joleen Raquel