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© 2019 by Joleen Raquel

  • Joleen Raquel

Why I'll Never Be A Social Media Influencer

Social proof has always been a huge deal. That's why we're usually attracted to the brands that are most popular in our circle. We like things that our circle likes. Brands spend millions of dollars on content marketing just to get their products into your circle and these days that's being done by using a Social Media Influencer.

You know the type.

You know that smiling pose they all have in every picture while doing pretty much anything!

I absolutely love content creators/influencers (specifically on Instagram) and I've always been a bit dazzled and curious as to how they get all those free perks just so they can post it. I don't know anyone who wouldn't want to travel the world for free or receive complimentary products from top brands. So I tried it - on a micro-influencer level anyway!

And it turns out, it's not for me!

And even though I still do work with some brands and post things that are sent to me,

here's why I'll never be a (Full-time) Social Media Influencer:

1. I'm inconsistent

The most popular advice from absolutely every influencer I've ever had the pleasure of speaking to and the top tip listed on every blog on the subject is that you have to be consistent. Influencers are posting daily content just to beat the algorithm and stay fresh in your mind. And while a lot of influencers use the batch method (take a bunch of pictures in one day in different outfits and post throughout the week), I don't even have a free day to do that! With real estate and all the other ventures I am constantly working on, getting pretty to take a photo just doesn't make the daily cut. Because, if I'm being completely honest, I look absolutely disheveled on most days.

Which brings me to my next reason:

2. I'm not always camera ready

I'm almost always wearing a blazer or a pantsuit and let's face it, that's not what the kids call "trendy". And I am in love with all things fashion but I'm not exactly in the profession where you can wear absolutely anything you want. I pride myself in my professional, neutral appearance so I don't scare away potential clients. Which leaves me with about 2 days out of the week to take a photo that's "post worthy". This alone automatically knocks me out of the running for the influencer of the year award.

3. I don't have the time

Not only do I not have the time to create consistent content, I don't have time to nurture and grow my audience. Whenever I do get a chance to post, it's very touch and go. I used to sit there right after I post on Instagram so that I can instantly engage with people who comment and not be knocked off everyone's feed (damn you, algorithm) but that is just too time consuming.

So what do I do?

I still work with brands when I have some time or when I really like the brands who've reached out to me. But for the most part I went back to posting when I feel like it. Being a Social Media Influencer is a lot of work and I really do admire a lot of them. But I completely let go of the idea of becoming one full-time. Sure, I'd like to create content a little more often than I do at the moment. But for now, I'll stick to random postings and my weekly blog. :)

xo, Joleen Raquel