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  • Joleen Raquel

Wreaths Across America

Today was a great day. We always try to do one volunteer activity during the holiday season and this year we chose to join Wreaths Across America in laying wreaths on fallen Soldiers graves. Ya'll know anything that has to do with honoring Veterans is near and dear to my heart but this ceremony felt extra special.

I brought King along to volunteer with me but I gave him the option, of course. I want my kids to WANT to volunteer. I never want them to feel like I'm pressuring them to be a certain way and to do certain things just because they're super important to me. It always has to be something they choose to do. Thankfully, King loves the fact that both of his parents are Veterans and is always down to pay his respects to those who have served. We chose to leave Biggie at home for this one because we would've probably spent the entire time chasing him around!

Wreaths Across America had a beautiful ceremony and said so many heartfelt things throughout the service. It felt so united knowing that volunteers in Veteran cemeteries all across the nation were standing together at the same time to honor the fallen. The ceremony honored each individual branch of the military and gave out instructions on how to place wreaths on their graves. The instructions given were to grab a wreath, place it on the grave, straighten out the ribbon, take a few steps back, say the name of the fallen Soldier and then salute. King paid super close attention and did exactly as instructed. The video below is my new favorite video - and it's not just cause I'm an amazing videographer lol


We spent a little while placing wreaths on graves and then walked around. It made me so sad to see that there weren't enough wreaths for everyone! Wreaths Across America is a non-profit organization and it relies on volunteers and donations to make this national event happen. I encourage you to visit their website and donate! You can also find a cemetery near you and sponsor it or donate what you can so that they can buy wreaths. Check them out here.

Volunteering for things like this remind me of how blessed we are and how many people don't have the opportunities we have. It reminds me to stay humble and always try to be a blessing to others when I can.

Happy Holidays everyone!


Joleen Raquel